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North Carolina Waterfalls Guide

When it comes to adventures in western North Carolina, there are few things more inspiring than reaching a beautiful waterfall tucked away in a dense...

Best Places to Go Running in Boone

Greenway Trail (Boone): With over 10 miles of mixed terrain in a variety of settings, the Greenway Trail provides the perfect opportunity for an...
Guides helping kayakers down the rapids

Paddle The Green River

If you are looking for a high-adventure, heart-pumping whitewater experience, this is it! One of the steepest commercially-run sections of whitewater...
Shut In Ridge Trail Run

Shut In Ridge Trail Run

This 16.3-mile trail starts near the N.C. Arboretum, and follows a section of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail. With tough climbs and the long one-way...

Black Mountain To Thrift Cove Loop

This trailhead is super close to the entrance to the forest, making it ideal for those short on time. At the back of the parking lot, take a left to...

Moore Cove Running Trail

By: Anja Disseldorp Moore Cove Trail is a good running adventure for the entire family. The first 150 feet of the trail are moderate, but the grade...

Town of Brevard Greenway Running

For those that prefer to pound the pavement rather than hit the trails, the Brevard Greenway is a great community asset. At just under 5 miles of...

Davidson River Running Trail

Davidson River Excercise Trail is a great warm-up run for the more advanced adventurer and a nice workout for the beginner runner. The exercise trail...

Sycamore Cove Running Trail Loop

This trail - essentially a loop - is a nice run with a variety of vegetation types and scenery. The trail initially follows Starnes Branch amidst...

Bracken Mountain Trail Running Loop

For a leg-burning trail run, check out the loop at Bracken Mountain Preserve that clocks in at approximately 6 miles, with 1000' of elevation gain....

North Slope Running Trail

For local trail runners, North Slope is something of a legacy. A favorite for it's ease of access and perfect 3.7 mile loop, the North Slope trail...

Dupont State Forest Trail Running

By: mark_stoffan The 10,000 acre Dupont State Forest is the holy grail for runners that enjoy waterfalls along the trail. In Dupont, there are...

Turkey Pen Hiking Loop

Brevard Hiking Expert || || 828.884.5713  By: Jenn Deane If you're really up for a challenging loop, then this hike won't...

Cove Creek Hiking Trail

Brevard Hiking Expert || || 828.884.5713  A good mix or road bed and trail - Cove Creek is suitable for the novice hiker, yet even...

Panthertown Valley Hiking Trails

Brevard Hiking Expert || || 828.884.5713  Also known as the "Yosemite of the East", Panthertown Valley is a rugged slice of...

Looking Glass Rock Trail

Brevard Hiking Expert || || 828.884.5713  By: Osajus Looking Glass Rock's stone face is one of the more recognizable landmarks from...

Gorges State Park

Brevard Hiking Expert || || 828.884.5713  With seemingly countless options for waterfalls to explore, Gorges is a great option to...

Vineyard Gap Hiking Trail

Brevard Hiking Expert || || 828.884.5713  By: Joe Giordano If you enjoy tough, steep climbs and seldom-used trails, then check out...

John Rock Hiking Trail

Brevard Hiking Expert || || 828.884.5713  If you're looking for killer views, then John Rock is the hike to take. There are a couple...

Coontree Gap Hiking Loop

Brevard Hiking Expert || || 828.884.5713  By: Luke Wisley For a challenging 3.7 mile loop with nice elevation changes and varying...