I first discovered the Maprika App for my Android phone when I headed out for a run around the Bracken Mountain Trail in Brevard and noticed a QR code on the trailhead kiosk that lets users easily download a map of the trails. I quickly downloaded the app and headed up the steep trail for the first time. After about 30 minutes, I turned on my phone, pulled up the app and was shown exactly where I was on the trail. With only 45 minutes left before I was due for an evening meeting, I was tempted to turn back. But once I realized I was nearly halfway around the loop with just about 1/4 of a mile left before I reached the next trail junction, I decided to push on for the complete loop. I headed through the beautiful hardwood forests along the Brushy Creek Trail and knew I’d made the right decision. At a hand-crafted wooden bridge spanning a beautiful waterfall, I paused and checked my phone to see how far I’d made it and whether or not I had enough time to hang out and relax for awhile. Knowing exactly where I was, I felt comfortable knowing that I didn’t have to run back in order to make my meeting on time. The app currently has around 20 different trails in the greater Asheville area, but uploading new ones is fairly straight forward and I expect to see a surge in the number of users utilizing this app in the next year. Check it out. It’s free and it has a lot of potential.

Maprika. Stop using paper maps

More than five hundred popular ski resort, campus, park, trail maps are available for free download from Maprika, ready for GPS location.

See where you and your friends are

Maprika lets you track the locations of your friends — on these new maps that you’ve created yourself or downloaded from Maprika.

GPS works on any map, even hand drawn

Use internet image search to find a map. You can even draw a map yourself on paper and take a picture of the drawing!

Share your maps with community

Share your maps with friends and community and we will grow into the largest collection of GPS-enabled maps, freely available to everyone!

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